a production meeting 5/19/15

Yesterday I met with max miller to start planning our first video project. max makes awesome music and films and you should probably check out his stuff here. to give you a sense of how cool this project is gonna be, just imagine us planning it while drinking pickleback shots at Crocodile Lounge and eating free pizza. That place is like the ultimate inhibitor of good ideas and inspiration and everyone in new york should hang out there. it's so cool.

it will involve blue icees and blue tongues. outer space? lots of goo. a huge challenge will be finding a space that will let us make a mess with a greenscreen. we'll see. i think the music will be some cross between Beck and YACHT.

here's a YACHT song if you haven't ever listened to them or haven't listened in a while...


Thursday i'm PAing on the fashion video shoot with Tyler & Eve. after that i'll be editing it nonstop.

internship starting next week :x

no time to breathe...

keep the faith xo