craziness 5/29/15

June hasn't even started and my summer has been so crazy i can barely process it. but in a good way. i'm really close to finishing out this week with work tomorrow night and then having a full day off on sunday (that i have a ton of stuff to do on and a show to host on but that's ok).

Tyler & Eve moved the fashion shoot to last saturday so I got the footage on Sunday, and Eve and i have been editing it nonstop since then. basically every day since this past sunday i've spent half of the day working (or interning) and the other half editing. leaving the apartment at 9am and getting home around midnight, with little breaks during the day.

BUT it's super worth it because I made extra $ at Sidewalk and more importantly, the video is looking amazing. Eve and I edited the whole thing together (she sat next to me and pointed at things while i handled the computer) and it has been a huge learning process for both of us. she is really good at directing and i haven't worked on a video concept like this one before so it's exciting. here are two of my favorite stills from the video...

we're finishing it up tomorrow and then submitting it to some ~mysterious chinese fashion competition~ and maybe a lot of people will see it one day. something cool to think about.

the other big thing that happened this week was that i started my internship at the bindery, a really cool post production house by chelsea. the office is huge and open and beautiful and there's an unlimited supply of free snacks.

i arrived on wednesday morning and they immediately started to show me how to navigate the file structure of their server, and then within a few hours i was mixing sound on Premiere. this is exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to be able to do this summer - to work at a post house that would teach me a ton about editing and post production and video and art. i've only been there three days and today they had me cutting a 10-camera multicam sequence. after I finished my rough cut, my boss gave me some advice and revision notes and then i got to keep working on it, which shouldn't seem like a huge deal, but it's awesome that as an intern i get to handle footage that their clients might one day see.

a lot of post houses wouldn't let their interns touch the actual projects so i'm so so so psyched about how much i'm going to learn this summer. i'm going to be so. good. at. editing. by fall. man. yes.

this was the 10-camera setup. so cool.

i can't even think back to what i was doing last week at this point, i've been working so hard nonstop. but it feels great to know that i'm almost done with this week and i've been totally killing the game. i always told myself that being busy with something i love would make it easier to do, but i kind of thought it wouldn't be true. but with each passing day this week i've become more and more into editing and focusing on the stuff i'm going to be doing this summer. it's awesome. i'm really excited. i'm also really tired right now, it's all of a sudden 1am and i am running on very little sleep. gotta be up early tomorrow to edit and then work a shift at sidewalk.....

keep the faith xoxo