dog days 7/26/16

It is so hot out this summer, oh my god. It seems much worse than last summer, but it's always hard to tell if it really is. My block in Williamsburg seems like it's moving in slow motion these days, and everyone is coated in a layer of sweat. It's kind of nice to not worry about what you look like, because everyone looks terrible.

I've been doing a new thing where I take minute-long videos in areas that I really love, instead of just photos. I was thinking the other week about what makes a still video different from an image, even if absolutely nothing moves in the video. That extra bit of life is kinda captivating to me. Maybe I should buy a mini tripod for my phone.

Anyways. Summer is over halfway over. I feel good about it all, so far. I'm deep into editing Darklands, which is probably the most ambitious project I've worked on. It's so nice to work with footage that constantly looks and sounds great - I don't have to worry about bad takes or technilogical glitches. The first rough cut was at 25 minutes - it'd be nice to get it way down for a festival cut, but also it's a film that likes to take its time, so I'm not suuuper worried.

I've grown to like Premiere a lot. I've finally mastered so many keyboard commands and can edit by typing, essentially. It feels really cool to do, and it's also so much faster. The most helpful change I made was mapping the video and audio track sources to the numbers and function keys on the keypad, so I can toggle them super easily. Then trimming becomes way faster without the mouse. Also, taking advantage of window shift shortcuts - shift + 1 for the project window, shift + 2 for the source window, and shift + 3 for the timeline. All I need.

I'm also so excited that I'm only going to be in class part-time next semester, because I've been hearing from a lot of my classmates about potentially working on more projects in the coming months. I'm locked down to start working on my friend Tiye Amenechi's intermediate film, Mama Said No White Barbies. I'm pretty excited about it because I love the script, it's concise, and it was shot in RED, which I haven't worked with before. I'm set up to start working on it later this week.
I'll also most likely be editing my friend Peter's film as well - I did the sound for one of his previous films from sophomore year.

I really should write more, because there's so much more I've been doing. I was up in Dobbs Ferry for a week and it was one of the best things I could have asked for this summer. I've been seeing a ton of cool movies at the metrograph, my favorite new theater in New York. I've been working on two DV and Super 8 films of my own, as well as a few iphone projects. The first film I edited this year, Big Girls Don't Cry, is almost finished with sound mix, and we'll be able to release it soon. I'm reading more Murakami with Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. I'm even writing more, which is just weird. It's a good summer - I think I might be the only one who feels that way, though....

keep the faith,,,