glimpse to the future 6/25/15

ok so on monday night at about 3am (so tuesday morning, basically) i was laying in my bed just after getting home from a particularly late open mic shift when i checked my email. there was an email from Post Factory, a pretty large post facility in new york. my heart kinda stopped.

"Hi Babs, We have you scheduled for your intern shadow day tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23rd at 10am. We look forward to meeting you. Please let me know if you have any questions prior."

I had totally forgotten about this. i was planning on having a nice relaxing tuesday where i would sleep in, get some work done, go to yoga, the works. i had forgotten that a few months ago when i was still looking for summer internships, i had emailed this place asking about internship opportunities, and they had told me that while they didn't offer full internships, they do offer an intern shadow day where i could tour the facility and meet people in the industry. i forgot completely that the day was supposed to be on june 23rd. the thought of waking up early on only five hours of sleep, showering and looking presentable, taking the crowded train all the way to tribeca to meet a bunch of people i didn't know for a single day made me want to skip it all together, but i didn't have anything better to do so i decided to go anyways. i'm really glad i did. i thought it may be like a whole day set aside for interns where there would be packs of us roaming the facility, but it was actually just me. anyways.

Post Factory is SO COOL. a lot of people apply to film school (myself included) thinking of the big movies, the famous ones, even the indie ones, as things they hope to work on in the future. but when we get to film school and start doing internships at small companies, the idea of working on those large productions seems totally out of our reach, and we settle into other sections of the industry. i love experimental and avant-garde film and i really love interning at this commercial/branding post-production house, but that doesn't mean i wasn't in total awe of the post factory. it's kind of like the magical place where everything comes together. you imagine post-production for a large film like adventureland or fargo to be done by a bunch of professionals, and you're right, but this place was like hundreds of those professional teams in one place. making the movies come together. i peeked into a coloring theater/suite and saw a really famous person's face on screen that was being actively colored. i can't really describe how cool it was to see everything come together for large-budget features where you know that talented people are making them, but you never expected to actually see those people actually make them. idk. it was really cool.

the big thing the day did for me was make me wonder about what i'm planning to do post-grad. the idea was to have a staff job at a place like where i am now, perhaps a small tv/creative production company, or a commercial/branding place, or documentary production. freelancing is the other big option but i kind of just figured that i shouldn't do it because it requires you constantly having your shit together - always looking for a job, managing personal taxes, sending invoices, negotiating rates, networking, etc. it's really stressful. but, it can lead you to work at some of the coolest post facilities in the city and you may find yourself working on a feature, which i do think would be the coolest experience ever. so we'll see. walking around the halls of the place on tuesday made me want to forget all plans of a stable job and just jump right into freelancing. but the idea of having a stable job directly after graduation is really, really appealing. we'll see. i have two more years still until i really have to deal with that. probably...

keep the faith x