LEFT AS IS 6/25/15

It's taken me a little while to write about this video because i was so incredibly busy that now i've had a break and haven't done a ton in the way of internetting or filming. But eve & i finished the video on may 31 and submitted it to the chinese competition. i have no idea when or if we'll hear back, but we think that most of the other people that submitted didn't focus much on the actual film aspect, so we think ours has a chance. we'll see. anyways, here's the video:

Eve is awesome at directing and we worked really well together and learned a ton. it was a lot of figuring out with Premiere since i've just started using that, and we did lots of messing around with color correction (esp. black tones) and also masks for certain aspects of it. we used the first song as a fill in song the entire week, assumming that we would switch it later on, only to realize that it was pretty much the best song we could possibly find. it gets the mood across really well, i think.

i was really glad to collaborate with so many people and to have a lot of creative freedom while still sticking to a professional/cool aesthetic. the footage was beautiful, shoutout to tyler mitchell + tyler payne for killing it on that front. anyways it's been a while since we finished it but just thinking about that crazy week that we edited it makes me smile. it was so fun to have it on my mind 24/7. there was so much serendipity. our snapchat stories were out of control the whole time. lots of fruit snacks and also juice and sushi. good times.

it'd be pretty awesome to win the contest, i'm not sure what the prize really is, but i know a lot of people would see a video with my name on it, so that's pretty cool. anywho, enjoy.

we got the title from Lawrence Weiner, my favorite conceptual artist. i think it's fitting.

keep the faith....