s&s and moving 5/14/15

On Friday i had my last sight & sound class. it was kinda surreal to know that i've completed the most famous part of nyu's film program, and i made stuff that i liked during it. After first semester, i never thought i'd do so well. I like my work. I'm trying to get in the lab for the next few weeks so that i can finish everything up and upload it here

For the past few weeks i've been slowly moving stuff from my dorm on astor place to my new summer spot in (east?) williamsburg. i turned in my dorm keys yesterday. This new place is the perfect place to live for the summer, i'm living with two really great people and everything seems perfect

it's always cool even without AC, there's a washer and dryer, we have a backyard with a grill, i can keep my window open and have my room be the perfect temperature, my bed frame is a modified couch so i can fit a thousand pillows in it no problem, and everything is already decorated really nicely so i just have to hang up the art that i want to

lazy thursday instagram ft. my new kevin abstract print by tyler mitchell


keep the faith xo