things on my mind 3/29/16

Today didn't feel real. Walking to school in the morning, I felt a weird sense of in-betweenness: it didn't feel like a particular season, or a particular time of the semester, or a particular time of the year, or a particular time of the day. None of these things had anything to do with the fact that it was 10:30 am on March 29th, a spring day in 2016.

I was headed in to do some edit work on FAME, the music video I'm editing with Owen. I feel like I'm making some progress now that we've gone over the pacing a little bit. It's good, exciting, difficult at times - there were some techinical difficulties, so syncing the footage to the song is extremely difficult and time-consuming. But he's great to work with.

We were walking around Washington Square Park on a break from the edit, and the weird limbo feel of the day was stronger than ever. I think Owen described it as "6 minutes into a TV pilot" - either something crazy was about to happen to us, or everything would just be boring and we'd eventually get cancelled out. It's the time of the semester where we're all struggling to register for the right classes next year and land fulfilling internships for the summer, and the unexpectency of our careers, lives, living situations, etc. fit well into the strange uncertainty of the day. I haven't walked around Washington Square in forever. Need to do that more.

As we neared the northwest corner, Owen pointed out that this was one of the rare nooks of New York where in our entire field of vision, there was not one advertisement or corporate logo. Terrifying, calm. We finished our Chipotleā„¢ burrito bowls and walked back to Tisch.

Sometimes these days feel like dog days, where everything is relaxed and laid back, day in and day out- but then at the same time they're so incredibly uptight and stressful and busy and tense. I don't know how this week can feel like such opposite ends of the spectrum. Maybe that's what happens when you're extremely busy with things you actually enjoy doing...

keep the faith~