things on my mind 5/3/15

The semester is almost over which is crazy because in one week I'll be halfway done with college, and that's terrifying to think about, you know why

I'm glad I made things I liked this semester tho and even found it in myself to make people laugh with my filmz. Maybe one day I'll actually have the willpower to put personal shit in the world like a good artist is supposed to

I'm really excited to move to williamsburg and i'm really excited to work on this upcoming project with tyler and eve and I'm really excited to start this internship at the bindery. i hope i make a lot of things this summer and never sit around. i'm writing this instead of writing my final paper for my architecture class, but at least i'm thinking ahead

so far it looks like i'll be releasing/posting

- pizza pullz, a sight & sound film
- welcome to new york, a sight & sound film
- untitled dread project (maybe)(if i can bring myself to), a sight & sound film
- my doorman, a short film
- red hot shorts, a short film
- untitled street fashion project, a competition submission
- untitled antifolk music video
- untitled aesthectic video project

by the end of the summer. hopefully that will all be up soon

I hope I'm doing alright with designing this website. I don't really wanna spend money on a fancy website builder so I'm trying for basic html aesthetic. i hope that won't be too annoying for employers/whoever this website is supposed to be for. right now it's looking like my blog is just gonna be one long html document with a lot of br tags which is kinda cool to me. all the squarespace templates just looked really bland and stale with lots of whites and shiny narrow fonts. but i don't really think of myself as a negative space / superclean / airbrushed aesthetic editor, i think i'm a bit rougher around the edges, so hopefully the website will reflect that. idk tho. is it a faux pas to talk about how i'm designing my website, on a minimally designed website? probably. but it makes me nervous. i think i'm trying to put on the illusion that i haven't put much time into it, but i have. i googled all sorts of html stuff just to put the main image and this second page up.

keep the faith xo