things on my mind 5/6/15

Listening to dean & britta's 13 most beautiful for Andy Warhol songs. opening the old computer for the first time in a while

it looked realy nice for some reason. i didn't remember writing any of those textedit files.

i've been sitting in an almost-empty room for the past few hours with the window open. i wanted to nap so that i didn't have to stay in tonight, but had too much espresso left over in my system from cramming for a test this morning.
i wanted to find something cool and inspiring on the internet, as my wondering usually allows, but nothing of interest today.

this music always makes you feel like you're in a surreal film.

it's 7:25 on a may night and I'd like to go hang out in washington square park and listen to spanish guitar.

i'll just end up editing until 11 and then go crash.

soon tho.

I always hated writing about stuff when nothing is happening, but i'm always glad later on that i did. hopefully i'll remember what this day felt like in a while. it feels nice even though i'm so stressed in the middle of finals week.

keep the faith xo