this is a thing that i kind of made 5/3/15

a few months ago I was watching youtube videos on the channel NotKathy, which is a project that some antifolkers have been working on for the past few years where they document every act that performs at sidewalk cafe's bi-annual folk festival. info on that aside, most of the videos on the channel are labeled but not all of them are, so when i was watching one particular one that was still just titled "MVI 0538"from the file of the camera, all of the recommended videos on youtube's sidebar had the same title.

so this is a youtube playlist i made of all the MVI 0538 videos I could find on youtube. there are a few hundred of them. I love that they are all videos that were never really meant for the masses, but more just someone uploading it and sharing it with a few other people, not even bothering to change the name. they are almost all home videos, so it gives you a rare unedited glimpse into the life of hundreds of people who share the single characteristic of having the 538th file on their camera card uploaded online.

I haven't watched them all but I have watched quite a few. it's mesmerizing to put the playlist on shuffle and watch what happens. i was doing this when i first created it, watching a lot of footage of babies doing cute stuff, when one video came up. it was a funeral. my heart dropped, this was so not a video meant for my eyes. it was a soldier funeral. men dressed in white standing over a white coffin. silence all around. a flag being folded. only five or six people in the audience. the whole video was like 15 minutes long. I don't remember if I watched the whole thing. but I do know that the military men folded up the flag and solemnly handed it to a very young boy who was sitting in the front row. I couldn't believe i was seeing it, and that i was probably one of the only people in the world who had. it was so cinematic and hard to imagine that it was real. but it was. someone recorded it and uploaded it to youtube, failed to change the name from MVI 0538, and sent it to one or two people. relatives of the fallen soldier, perhaps.

there's a lot of funny stuff on the playlist too. I guess my point is that it's completely unedited. I just put it together.


keep the faith xoxo