a new website 5/1/17

I haven't posted here in a hot second. I've been doing so many things. I took down and put back up my website! Only I realized that most of the things I've been working on won't be available for the internet to see freely for a long time. They're mostly in the form of private links. So that's not exaactly what I had in mind. 

This winter was nice. Aside from the world generally falling apart, my life has been going well. I edited a TV pilot, a thesis film, a comedy sketch, a music video. I'm coloring another film that I edited over the winter. I stopped eating carbs for a month, I shaved my head, I read 1Q84, I quit my waitressing job, I started running again, I'm graduating college in 19 days. 

I've also been interning at Alucia Productions and the Film Society of Lincoln Center since October. Those are coming to a close in the next month or so, too. Alucia has taught me so much about file organization and management and collaborative environments and assistant editing. Lincoln Center has given me the freedom to figure out what works and what doesn't in social media promotion. Plus it exposes me to sooo much great cinema. 

So now I'm looking for a job, which is slightly terrifying but also exciting. I want to be a Post PA on a feature film. It's one of the only things that I've had no exposure to throughout school, because those types of productions don't really hire students or interns or anything part-time. But I think it's what I'd like to do, so hopefully I can get my foot in the door. Fingers crossed. But also it would be nice to have a small break before I begin a 7-day workweek once again. 

hopefully I can start posting more about the things i'm working on, also, movies ive been watching, which is so many. once I have a moment to breathe I swear i will. 


keep the faith