the last day of college 5/14/17

kind of. it's kind of impossible to determine a "last day" of college because I'm at school so much. and i will be for this summer. but this weekend was such a finale.

as of now, sunday night, i've officially finished two huge projects i've been working on since November: the NYU Advanced TV Pilot "The Troupe" and a music video called "Tin Laurels". i've literally never been so proud of myself. the editor of a half-hour long comedy pilot and the director/editor of a very experiemental and very unique music video. i worked so hard on them and i KNOW that they're great because of it. ahhhhhh. 

i don't think it's hit me that i won't be experiencing tisch the same way that i'm used to in the future. in a way this weekend was my sendoff, even though i'll be editing there a ton this summer.

last night was the climax of the weekend when our entire post team for The Troupe got locked out of our mix suite at 1 A.M. while the protools mix session was printing. with no phones, jackets, wallets, or shoes, we became so panicked that we just began laughing. it was freeing and terrifying and frustrating but so fitting that i would be trapped on the 11th floor, where I've no doubt spent the most time in my college career. I love that floor. It was 2am and we were lying on the floor of the hallway trying to figure out how to break back into our edit suite. I will miss this production.

There's this weird aspect of film school where you work with other 22-year-olds and you're in awe at how smart and professional and productive you can all be together. But then you end up raiding a random desk for luna bars together and it all kind of makes sense. it goes from completely serious to completely silly in the smallest moment. 

Today as I came to Tisch to put the final touches on Troupe and to finish the music video, it was almost too easy. I've spent so many sundays here but so few of them resulted in me truly being proud of what i'd made during the day. today i can look at my work and -know- it's good and -know- i can trust it. it's crazy. i can't process it. but i'm so lucky and thankful and happy. i can't wait till everyone can see what i've been making.